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How you doin’?

To build on my previous post, I used the same data source to grab a current (as of May 9th) dataset. It contains Covid-19 reports of deaths and cases by country as reported to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. I generated daily maps of deaths due to Covid-19 by country, scaled byContinue reading “How you doin’?”


No one on the planet has done any kind of research into the spread and/or consequences of Covid-19. Here’s my first post on it. Since there MIGHT be additional things I can make later, I’ll just add them to the bottom of this post. I downloaded the global Covid-19 dataset from the European Center CentreContinue reading “Covid-19”

Mapping Global Temperatures

*NOTE – Images of Earth not to scale I wanted to develop a streamlined method for plotting the 3D geo-spatial variations over time. I decided that a rotating globe showing temporal variation as it rotates was the best way to go (at least for global data). The primary steps are outlined and explained below, usingContinue reading “Mapping Global Temperatures”

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