Covid-19 in the U. S.

I’ve decided to make this one-stop page for my Covid-19 material. That’ll help prevent my site from filling up with redundant or similar posts. Also, while I still enjoy Wolfram Language for computationally generating maps, animation frames, etc., I’m also learning to use Adobe After Effects. This has allowed me to more easily render highContinue reading “Covid-19 in the U. S.”

Four-Dimensional Geospatial Covid-19 Animation

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to filter out population density from the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. It’s difficult, and I realized it’s taken me long enough that it’s been almost a month since I made anything. So I figured out a way to create something while working: generate an animationContinue reading “Four-Dimensional Geospatial Covid-19 Animation”

Mapping Global Temperatures

*NOTE – Images of Earth not to scale I wanted to develop a streamlined method for plotting the 3D geo-spatial variations over time. I decided that a rotating globe showing temporal variation as it rotates was the best way to go (at least for global data). The primary steps are outlined and explained below, usingContinue reading “Mapping Global Temperatures”