Covid-19 in the U. S.

I’ve decided to make this one-stop page for my Covid-19 material. That’ll help prevent my site from filling up with redundant or similar posts. Also, while I still enjoy Wolfram Language for computationally generating maps, animation frames, etc., I’m also learning to use Adobe After Effects. This has allowed me to more easily render high quality videos of my animations while keeping file sizes down. I thought that was a better solution than buying a larger hard drive.

Covid-19 Geohistogram of the United States, by County

Given that I use Mathematica to merge my computation and visualizations, it only makes sense to use their curated Covid-19 dataset. It’s a global dataset, compiled from a variety of sources, including the WHO, U. S. CDC, ECDC, CCDC, NHC, and DXY. However, it also contains more detailed data for more refined geographic administrative divisions, such as U. S. counties.

I calculated the Covid-19 cases per capita for each county and day, then generated one map for each day covered by the dataset. As I mentioned in the uploaded YouTube video description, the histogram bins are based on the cases per capita statistics for the most recent day included in the dataset. I combined them in After Effects into a single composition, adjusted the duration, and rendered in Adobe Media Encoder.

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 in the U. S.

  1. Yes! Now I had a thought as I was watching. Could you add a timeline, for example, at the bottom. This is just a thought… as the you-tube video shows the cases per county could exist to reflect or correspond with the day the case(s) is reported. So the timeline moves left to right. My thought is the days are changing so rapidly that I miss seeing both the case changes in the map because I’m trying to look at the day it is occurring. Does that make sense?

    Love, it!

    Love, Mom


  2. I guess the pandemic has been going so long I’m trying to place the cases by location and time and not just seeing the increases.


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